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Marginal Artist : EIJI OKUBO 1973-2024

We will hold an art exhibition about contemporary artist Eiji Okubo (1944-).  

His artistic career spans over 50 years. This exhibition consists of drawing, object, installation, and collage ,etc from early works exhibited for the first time to latest works.
Although Okubo has become known as a land artist, represented by the project (1998-1999) in which he walked around Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage and created many art works. However, this is not all about his art activities.
This exhibition pursues the essence of Eiji Okubo's creation from the perspectives of "TIME," "NATURE," "HISTORY," and "SITE."

*gallery talk : Eiji Okubo talks about his works

    July 13th, 13:30-15:00 &  September 23rd. 13:30-15:00

*talk session : Art × History Longing for the ancient

    August 25th,  13:30-15:00

Stream of Nature

In the Stream of nature things are born and return to the earth.
At one moment in that ever repeating pattern,  am I, linking one 
thing with another, ― as if inn one frame of a slow-moving video.
As did the ancient people lomg ago,
I want to express the strengthof ordinary things around us in their natural state.

1982 wrote


four seasons wind.png

Recent works for sale

Youhi ni yosu.png

Sun with The SITE





Water with The SITE

Ki with The SITE

Uradome Beach Tottori.png

Sound with The SITE

majolica island.png

Series of standing stones

Flowers and Shadow.png

Shadow series

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