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Land Art that starts with walking

As a land art artist, one way to express yourself is by visiting mountains, rivers, and coasts,
I choose a method that starts with the terrain, climate, and contact with people.
I started using this method in earnest in the mid-1980s, and since then walking has become an important element for me.I would like to introduce some projects that have emerged from this method.

Between the earth and the sky of shikoku , walking from the land of awa
The Tokushima modern Art Museum 1999

Through a journey around the 88 temples of Shikoku, people come to life from the harshness and finish each journey.return to normal life. A work born from my own experience of a journey of about 1500 km led by Kukai,It is truly a group of works born from the earth.

Water of the sky.png

Water of the sky

Basho-Newness is the flower of Haikai 2009
Kakimori Bunko
Oi no kobumi・Yamatoji Hyakuri Walk

The second part of the journey of poet Basho Matsuo's "Oi no Kobumi", a journey of about 400 km from Iga, Basho's journey  While walking in the same way, I created a work.

Hosotouge Yoshinocho Nara.png

Hosotouge Yoshinocho Nara

Oi no Kobumi.png

Oi no Kobumi - Okubo Eiji,100ri(400km)Yamatoji walk

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